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Dexon is a Pround Member of UNEDA

1. What is UNEDA?

UNEDA (United Network Equipment Dealer Association) is a worldwide alliance of more than 300 of the leading marketers of pre-owned networking equipment. Members represent the entire spectrum of the secondary market for networking equipment. From companies with hundreds of employees and millions of dollars in inventory to small, entrepreneurial organizations.

2. When was UNEDA formed?

Officially in 2006, but the organization had been in the making for several years as many of its members have worked together on equipment sourcing partnerships.

3. What is the mission of UNEDA?

UNEDA’s mission is to provide its members and all end-users with a safe and reliable environment for buying and selling pre-owned networking equipment. To help make this possible, UNEDA members agree to uphold a strict set of guidelines for ethical, business best practices.

4.What types of organizations are current UNEDA members?

UNEDA’s membership comprises well-established, worldwide leaders with extensive equipment inventories and global reach along with emerging, entrepreneurial organizations focused on delivering the highest standards in product procurement, inspection, testing, warranties, post-sales service and customer support. With combined revenues of more than $1 billion, UNEDA members provide millions of pieces of equipment to tens of thousands of customers each year.

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